What Software and Peripherals are needed for a Graphic Design PC?

While reviews may help give you an idea of the PC you can opt for when you need to upgrade or are just getting started with your graphic design work, picking a graphic design PC is never an easy task.

Several factors need to be considered before one can pay for them. These include things like graphic design programs, hard drive, hardware, memory among others. Once you have those figured out, you will need different programs that will enable you to do your graphic design work.

Popular Software for Graphic Design

• Photoshop

A product of Adobe, Photoshop is arguably the most recognizable and used graphic design and photo editing software available in the market. It has an intuitive design, universal compatibility, deep capabilities and extensive support.
Whether you’re an experienced or a beginner graphic designer, getting yourself the Photoshop program would be a good place to start.

• InDesign

Another product by Adobe, InDesign is a great software that was designed explicitly for layout designs of journals, magazines, news publications websites among others. InDesign is a must-have software when it comes to helping graphic designers with their creative process.

• Illustrator

Illustrator – developed by Adobe – is a program that aids in vector drawing in graphic design. The program is largely used in the creation and editing of artwork, logos, and illustrations. It is able to trace and convert different line work into vectors automatically.
Other Graphic Design Software

• Paintshop Pro

Created by Corel, Paintshop Pro is a graphic design and photo editing software designed for beginners and mid-level professionals. Although it has similar feature sets as those of Adobe’s Photoshop, it’s not well-known and thus doesn’t require any subscription and is much cheaper than Photoshop.

Paintshop Pro is perfect for those seeking to learn a thing or two about design or freelance workers. However, if you desire to move to an established graphic design company, Photoshop is your best option.

• Lightroom

Lightroom is a software that helps with basic photo editing as well as organizing photos and is designed to work together with Photoshop. It allows graphic designers to organize, catalogs and make quick edits to photos that they can share across all their devices.

Popular Peripherals for Graphic Designers/Artists

Having a full suite of tools as a graphic designer is more than just having a good computer and software.  There are several accessories that can help make your tool set fully functional.  These include:

  • Printers – While many graphic designers don’t deal in print media anymore, it can sometimes be helpful to print out representations of your work to share with coworkers, clients, etc.  For these any laserjet can do, but for artists that need printers for professional art prints, they will want to be extra picky.
  • Scanners – Artists will also need scanners to get their paint and drawing art into digital form.  For web designers, this is usually not that important, unless you need to transfer legacy print media to digital form.  There are scanners specifically built for artists, that pay specific attention to color retention.

Choosing a Graphic Design PC

While the above isn’t an exhaustive list of all the software that you will need for your graphic design work, it has a list of most of the software that you will need.

However, you have to ensure that the PC you choose has enough memory and storage capacity that will enable your programs to run without a glitch. Getting a PC that has the lower specs means that your PC will be pretty slow which will affect the design of your work.
Before buying one, ensure you do a proper research on the best PCs for graphic design.


Remember, your PC will determine how fast you can launch the any of the above software and how quickly you can get your graphic design job done.
In addition, consider the feature set of the PC you want to and whether it will suit your needs and money. It’s not about the most expensive rather it’s more about functionality and budget.

Digital Marketers

How Your Business Will Benefit From Digital Marketing

The internet has changed many rules of business, especially service-related businesses. Whether in Louisville or in Nicaragua, more businesses are turning to digital marketing services in a bit to stay ahead of their competition.

Digital marketing, in a broad sense, is the collective effort applied to make your brand visible to lots people as possible in the cyber-world. Businesses are no longer relying on TV or newspapers to remain visible to their target audience. However, if done incorrectly, your digital marketing efforts can target the wrong audience. This lack of relevance will yield minimal sales, if any.

Laser IP targeting

For almost all businesses, their clients will have mobile devices wherever they are. This means that they are less likely to seek solutions from television, magazines or even a friend before they’ve had a chance to search online. While this is extremely great news, it also poses the question of precision targeting.
You don’t want to spend time shooting in the dark, hoping that at least a percentage of your audience gets influenced by your message. This is where IP targeting comes in. IP targeting is a segment of digital marketing where IP addresses of relevant target areas, localities or residential estates are sorted out from the general cyber-mass of addresses. Thus, when you release new information about your company, the news reaches the people most willing to purchase.

Save time and energy

For example, if you need to sell your service to people of Louisville, you will simply have your marketers target people living in Louisville. This will make sure that all queries coming in are from Louisville, and not Nicaragua. If you sell home security packages, then you don’t need your emails reaching the management at Google headquarters (although there is no harm if it does!)

The idea of IP targeting is to deliver personalized content to a particular group of people that you’re sure they need your products. It works much like the older phonebook strategy where phone numbers were classified into groups, and phone calls being made to individuals in those groups. This old strategy would definitely take time and energy. The same would happen if you were to single out every email address in your phonebook. There are tools designed to identify targeted IP addresses.

How it works

Compared to geo-targeting where a specific location is targeted, IP targeting works by targeting individual IP addresses in a targeted area based on their browsing history. This works better than paid banner advertising which only puts your content at the top of only one search engine or social media platform. You can target the same people over and over if they still show interest in your niche. You cannot be accused of spamming anyone or forcing your presence through brute force. Your ads will simply appear on their devices as they surf the web!

Getting noticed

You don’t need to hire an in-house digital marketer to achieve this. Numerous web designers offer the service. For example, any Louisville, KY website design agency can get you the targeted advertising. You don’t need to have specialized knowledge either. Just explain to them your needs, and they will recommend a solution if you didn’t find what you need from their list of services.

What Industries can Benefit from Digital Marketing?

The advent of the Internet through the entire world for a loop, especially marketing. No longer are companies relegated to using mass marketing channels like TV and Radio to spread awareness of their product. The age of Internet Marketing, particularly SEO, allows companies to bypass many of the old world gatekeepers and publish directly to their audience.

There is an important question of what industries, exactly, can benefit form digital marketing? The answer, in short, is essentially all of them, with a few exceptions. Especially with the new generation of customers who were raised with computers on their desks and smartphones in their hands, the first course they take when tracking down a business is to take to the Internet.

There are a few industries that benefit particularly well from digital marketing, and we’ve laid them out below:


It might not be exactly notable, but healthcare providers are one of the biggest segments of companies that utilize Internet marketing.  Digital healthcare marketing is so important because patients will do a ton of research before making a decision, and its crucially important to be visible online when the potential clients are searching.

This includes not only primary care physicians, but also specialists, dentists, veterinarians, and many others.

Home Contracting

Another area where clients will do a ton of research before making a purchasing decision is in the home contracting space.  It’s also a very high ticket purchase that makes leads very valuable, leading to the rise of companies like HomeAdvisor and AngiesList that seek to accumulate reviews, ratings, and quote submission functionality to manage the process of sourcing a company.

Wedding Professionals

Following the trend of high ticket + research, the wedding industry fits the bill very well for industries that benefit tremendously from Internet marketing.  Instead of “asking a friend” (which can still happen, but less often than pre-internet days) brides and grooms can research the service providers for their company in detail when planning a wedding.

Getting in front of those couples is crucial to running a successful business, and digital marketing makes that happen.



Laptops For The Best Graphic Designers

Graphic design is a job that’s pegged on quality. It dictates that the laptop used for this kind of work is of high quality in terms of both hardware and software. The best laptop for graphic design depends on performance and other features one is looking for as a graphic designer such as portability and affordability? Whatever choice you make, as a graphic designer, going for a laptop that gives you all the necessary features will help you work as a pro.

Core Features To Consider:


Touchscreen and keyboard

As a graphic designer, you’ll never want to miss any detail when working on a project. The best laptop for graphic design comes with an HD screen or even better has a HiDPI (called the retina display by apple). This enables graphic designers to see more details and have accurate representations while editing hence producing better results.

A laptop that comes with a touch screen enables functionalities such as zooming in and zooming out. A reliable keyboard enables one to utilize shortcuts and navigate easily.


A laptop’s performance is determined by three main parts, i.e., storage drive, RAM, and processor. The storage drive permanent provides storage space for information while the processor ensures smooth running of multiple applications and the Random Access Memory (RAM) offers temporary storage for information while at the same time helps the processor to process.

Other Factors To Consider

Battery life: Being mobile is usually part of the job as a graphic designer, and at times one might end up working where there are no plugs. A good laptop for graphic design should be able to accommodate one’s novelty to enable productivity during long working hours even in the absence of plugs.

Graphics: When designing graphics, the design tools tap into the graphic processor to boost when working with a large number of layers, filters, images and additional effects. This ensures that your project looks as good as the final outcome would.

Some graphic design laptops come with a stylus. This is significant when it comes to drawing or any other precision-based actions.

Which Are The Best Graphic Design Laptops?

Apple MacBook Pro: This 15.4-inch screen machine comes with a 16GB 1866MHz DDR3 RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 460 graphics chip with 4GB RAM and only weighs 1.85 kg. This elegant looking laptop will give you that creative and business look at the same time.

Dell Precison 5510: This has been the favorite for many graphic designers. This is without a doubt due to its aesthetics which are backed by its performance capabilities. It comes with a 16GB 2133MHz DDR4 ECC RAM, NVIDIA Quadro M1000M graphics chip with 2GB RAM and a 160- pixel touchscreen.

Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga: This is a hybrid of a tablet, and a laptop comes with sufficient capabilities to make a good laptop for graphic and design. It comes with hinges that allow one to flip its screen turning it into a tablet and draw using the small that pops out on the side. This laptop has an Intel Core i7-6500U (2 core, 2.5GHz) processor, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro M500M graphics card and weighs 2 Kg.

How To Buy A Graphic Design Laptop

As a graphic designer who is shopping around for a quality graphic design laptop, you probably have a list of features that you are looking for. However, it is advisable to go for a laptop that will offer a good combination of price and features. The most important thing is that the laptop should be able to meet your graphic design needs.


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