The internet has changed many rules of business, especially service-related businesses. Whether in Louisville or in Nicaragua, more businesses are turning to digital marketing services in a bit to stay ahead of their competition.

Digital marketing, in a broad sense, is the collective effort applied to make your brand visible to lots people as possible in the cyber-world. Businesses are no longer relying on TV or newspapers to remain visible to their target audience. However, if done incorrectly, your digital marketing efforts can target the wrong audience. This lack of relevance will yield minimal sales, if any.

Laser IP targeting

For almost all businesses, their clients will have mobile devices wherever they are. This means that they are less likely to seek solutions from television, magazines or even a friend before they’ve had a chance to search online. While this is extremely great news, it also poses the question of precision targeting.
You don’t want to spend time shooting in the dark, hoping that at least a percentage of your audience gets influenced by your message. This is where IP targeting comes in. IP targeting is a segment of digital marketing where IP addresses of relevant target areas, localities or residential estates are sorted out from the general cyber-mass of addresses. Thus, when you release new information about your company, the news reaches the people most willing to purchase.

Save time and energy

For example, if you need to sell your service to people of Louisville, you will simply have your marketers target people living in Louisville. This will make sure that all queries coming in are from Louisville, and not Nicaragua. If you sell home security packages, then you don’t need your emails reaching the management at Google headquarters (although there is no harm if it does!)

The idea of IP targeting is to deliver personalized content to a particular group of people that you’re sure they need your products. It works much like the older phonebook strategy where phone numbers were classified into groups, and phone calls being made to individuals in those groups. This old strategy would definitely take time and energy. The same would happen if you were to single out every email address in your phonebook. There are tools designed to identify targeted IP addresses.

How it works

Compared to geo-targeting where a specific location is targeted, IP targeting works by targeting individual IP addresses in a targeted area based on their browsing history. This works better than paid banner advertising which only puts your content at the top of only one search engine or social media platform. You can target the same people over and over if they still show interest in your niche. You cannot be accused of spamming anyone or forcing your presence through brute force. Your ads will simply appear on their devices as they surf the web!

Getting noticed

You don’t need to hire an in-house digital marketer to achieve this. Numerous web designers offer the service. For example, any Louisville, KY website design agency can get you the targeted advertising. You don’t need to have specialized knowledge either. Just explain to them your needs, and they will recommend a solution if you didn’t find what you need from their list of services.