The advent of the Internet through the entire world for a loop, especially marketing. No longer are companies relegated to using mass marketing channels like TV and Radio to spread awareness of their product. The age of Internet Marketing, particularly SEO, allows companies to bypass many of the old world gatekeepers and publish directly to their audience.

There is an important question of what industries, exactly, can benefit form digital marketing? The answer, in short, is essentially all of them, with a few exceptions. Especially with the new generation of customers who were raised with computers on their desks and smartphones in their hands, the first course they take when tracking down a business is to take to the Internet.

There are a few industries that benefit particularly well from digital marketing, and we’ve laid them out below:


It might not be exactly notable, but healthcare providers are one of the biggest segments of companies that utilize Internet marketing.  Digital healthcare marketing is so important because patients will do a ton of research before making a decision, and its crucially important to be visible online when the potential clients are searching.

This includes not only primary care physicians, but also specialists, dentists, veterinarians, and many others.

Home Contracting

Another area where clients will do a ton of research before making a purchasing decision is in the home contracting space.  It’s also a very high ticket purchase that makes leads very valuable, leading to the rise of companies like HomeAdvisor and AngiesList that seek to accumulate reviews, ratings, and quote submission functionality to manage the process of sourcing a company.

Wedding Professionals

Following the trend of high ticket + research, the wedding industry fits the bill very well for industries that benefit tremendously from Internet marketing.  Instead of “asking a friend” (which can still happen, but less often than pre-internet days) brides and grooms can research the service providers for their company in detail when planning a wedding.

Getting in front of those couples is crucial to running a successful business, and digital marketing makes that happen.